Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Packs

The maintain the mane Pack, purchase a maintain the mane shampoo and conditioner and get the award winning treatment Seven Day Miracle FREE! Our clients love this product its a real winner for us
The Hydrate pack, you purchase a hydrate and Conquer shampoo and conditioner and get a frizzy logic shine serum for FREE!
The Fine Intellect pack from O&M where you buy and fine intellect shampoo and conditioner and receive the Award winning texturising spray FREE

Kevin.Murphy has out Two packs the ultra rich pak where you purchase born.again.masque and get born.again .wash FREE
And the Celebrate Straight pack with the gift of Protection!
purchase a protection wash, and a and get a Straight Defence FREE!

A Seko mini styler valued at $70, which comes in three colours pink, black and purple with a brush valued at $40 a comb valued at $20 two clips and a few other little goodies all for the bargain price $90!!!!! this is a great christmas present. the irons are perfect for fringes, and short hair.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Stevie English Hair turns 2

It's that time again- when Glebe Point Road turns into a party. Sunday the 15th is Glebe Street Fair! The salon will be open as usual, but for our lovely clients please leave a little earlier to find a park at the back. You won't be able to drive down most of Glebe Point Road, so take Bridge Road and turn into any back street behind the salon. There will be a lot of people around.

This weekend is also our Anniversary, we will be Two on Tuesday, which is an amazing achievement and what with winning the Business Awards and Georgie winning at Hair Expo this year has been very good!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rubys blog

Okay, so the Stevie English Hair team have set ourselves a new target as winning the business awards isn’t enough for this year already. Stevie Corthine has entered colourist of the year and Verity Griffiths and Kirsty Abbott have entered the Mens hairdresser of the year. I'm the salons saturday girl and i was lucky enough to hang around the guys and the shop and watch the shoots in progress.

It worked out that the salon had three shoots in a week, the salon was filled with a photographer and his assistants (Andrew Goldie). Make up artist’s, clothing and models. So amongst all this, and the constant flow of coffee the stylist's got to work tweaking and carrying out the finishing touches on the hair. This year men’s hair was kept reasonably short, sharp with distinctive angles. And both Kirsty and Verity was keeping the perimeters slightly shorter. And the range of women’s colouring was vast from a natural medium brown, to a fun, soft candyfloss pink for those who want to channel the half lady gaga, half sugar plum fairy look this summer Stevie told me he wants to see colours that the grey rinse set would rock but on young girls. All of the colours and styling products were supplied by the fabulous ammonia-free 0&M range.

For Kristy’s shoot, the theme was kept really casual and cool. Kirsty told me she wanted all her influences to come together in a melting pot, she loves long curly hair short spiky hair, im not sure if she just likes hot boys, i couldn't complain. All boys the had there own style and look and she tried to keep the theme using the light and the window. The clothing was supplied by Dana from Mawlai and Alvin from st augustine's academy

This year Verity was inspired by the whole true blood, twilight, gothic movement which is going on recently and wanted her shoot to reflect that. All boys were styled with messy yet hard-hitting hair, teamed with ripped jeans and lose baggy shirts. The whole shoot looked amazing. There was a lot of undercuts, and texture in the hair this year with the boys. Add a little eye-liner and you have a great collection, dark and inspiring.

Every aspect of these shots screams glamour. Stevie’s shoot was all about natural beauty, but bringing the blue Rinse brigade to the party the make up was kept minimal and all focus was on the hair. The collections influence was about Mrs Slocombe and her pals. Well thats what Stevie said i wasnt too sure what he was talking about, but thought every model, looked cool with their own colour which was coloured by Stevie, and they all pulled it of so well. All of the hairstyles were full of volume and texture with Verity Directing the styling. Coming into 2010, we are going to be seeing loads more volume in hair, so you can forget those straightners. The photo shoot's was my first and i thought they went really well, and I couldn't believe how hard it was to get one shot! the whole team worked so hard.