Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2009 Oscars Looks

I am sure you have all seen countless images of Oscar dresses, winners, and losers, but I just wanted to comment on my favourite hairstyles from this year's awards.

Sarah Jessica Parkers's colour looks amazing. It looks natural, the regrowth isn't visible because the lighter colour is underneath and the hair looks healthy and gorgeous. It is a great low-maintenance colour and a great look for autumn.

Jennifer Aniston always has great hair, and this year was no exception. Her lovely honey blonde colour suits her skin tone,and the casual blowdry-with-Bohemian braid looks done but not overdone. Her stylist must get paid very well ;)

My two favourite long-and-curly styles worn by Alicia Keys and Amanda Seyfried. Alicia's hair looks gorgeous and healthy (she must use O&M colour!) and glamourous. Amanda'a lovely natural blonde colour also looks great, and the smooth loose curls look easy and pretty.

This lady, Taraji Henson, is rocking the hell out or a sharp razored bob and a great blowdry. Not fussy, just well-groomed and very cool.

Kate Winslet definitely looks like an Oscar winner here. It's a classic upstyle with a bit of a modern twist. The super-sculpted look really suits

I don't normally comment on bad hairstyles BUT.... Jessica Biel here is a beautiful young lady at the ACADEMY AWARDS and she has what looks like dirty hair tied up in a half-hearted attempt at a style. I just think a shampoo and blowdry could have helped. You're still hot Jessica.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The New O&M Website

Well, I'm back in the salon after a pretty great holiday on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Lots of surfing, sunshine and general relaxing and good times. I admit that I was nervous about leaving the salon for the first time but the girls have proven that I was worried for nothing. They had a great week and I feel very lucky to have such brilliant colleagues. You can't put a price on their value-thanks girls!

We have had some new press, and Originalandmineral.com.au website has just been launched and I make an appearance or two. It's so nice to have a product company that not only supports us as team, but offers great products and great opportunity. Thanks O&M.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A litlle bit of press

Its always nice when someones saying nice things about you.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The First Salon In Australia

We are the first salon in Australia to have the new colour lock Irons. We are actully the first concept salon in Australia who has become T3.
T3 is a company who has taken the styling irons to new levels, they have changed the way we will be doing hair. Their Irons Technology supersedes any other iron, the technology is three years more advanced than their closest rival.
They have also superseded the hair dryer, a hairdryer that with constant use the condition of the hair will get better and better, it doesn't blast the hair, it uses patented tourmaline infusion technology, which drys the hair using infrared. Leaving the hair less damaged and well conditioned. Also because of the technology they use less energy which means less carbon credits.


We have had the artistic director of Kevin.Murphy Europe in today. The salon has been a buzz with therapy centre ,the new treatments from Kevin.Murphy. Thanks Janelle your a star, and the girls had loads of fun. Georgie and Naomi made a little Podcast which will be making the rounds around Europe, to all the Kevin.Murphy salons. GO GIRLS!