Thursday, May 21, 2009

Realize Beauty

We just got a nice mention in Realize Beauty blog. Its always lovely when people write nice things about you, very flattering. The team is rocking at the moment. But this lovely blog post proves to me what an amazing little team we have. I love coming to work. And i love watching happy clients walk out the door, but thanks Amanda we enjoyed having you in the shop.
We have started our countdown to Hair Expo, we have a project with O&M which i will blog about closer to the time. The team is entering the cutting comps. The guys are really working hard at choosing styles, clothes, models etc.... and the salon is a hive of activity. Its loads of fun, and a cut off, to see who is the best cutter/styler. I love the passion that is put in.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stevie English Hair podcast for pro hairstylist

Carl Keeley is a dude who owns and runs the prohairstylist website. Carl has interviewed me about life, environment and everything else in between. I mentioned a few blogs back how cool it was to be involved in their project and as Hair Expo gets closer it gets more and more exciting. Check out the podcast and the other posts on prohairstylist.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tiaki Pilates & Yoga in Broadway

To all the loyal readers of my blog. The Crew at Tiaki are offering a free class ,BARGAIN. This is not only a place to read informative stuff about hair and life in Sydney/Australia but you get super deals too.
Check them out I loves them.

How To Make Hair Salons Greener

I have been asked to write and interview for a website called Prohairstylist. Prohairstylist is an online website that shows it's passion, for our great industry. The sites aim is to share as much info as possible with us, the hairdressers. From seeing nominated collections and to hearing the thoughts of these great stylists.
Its a great to be asked and its something i really look forward to doing, i will not only be blogging but i also will be given the opportunity to interview and chat to some of the great hairdressers, colourists, session stylists salon owners, etc...... which im really looking forward to doing. I will be spending alot of time in around hairexpo 09 working for the team, so if you see me come up and say hello.
My first blog post, follow the link Prohairstylist

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Curly Hair Expert

I have been working in hair salons for 17 years. I trained in London and specialised in colour. In all that time, in my short career in cutting, I was never really shown how to cut curly hair. And in all the amazing salons I have worked at, there was never someone that really stood out for cutting curly hair. It was a bit hit and miss, a client with curly hair would love it one cut and then say it was butchered the next. Until now.
The QUALITY of my staff is amazing. But I digress.They are all good at cutting hair and good at cutting curly hair.
Verity is leading the way in cutting curly hair. Verity has a mane of thick curly hair herself, and is doing things with curly hair that I have not seen before. The really cool thing is, the current trends for hair are moving away from straight, ironed hair back to a more natural look. So if you have curls, don't straighten them, come in and tame them. Work with the curl. That's what we are promoting. And Verity is sharing her passion, skills and knowledge with the rest of the team. Winner: Stevie English Hair clients.
The two photos here was done by Georgie and it was her first collection.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Logies Hair Review-not much to see here

I didn't watch the illustrious Logies ceremony on Monday, but Mel did and she called me in a few times to have a look at hair and fashion winner.s and losers. On the whole, I was pretty pleased to see that the dead-straight blowdry look is on the way out. There was a lot of natural, loose-looking curls and soft upstyles which are flattering on just about anybody. There were no crazy, out-there styles which is a bit of a letdown but here are my three favourites:

Natalie Bassingthwaite:Simple, classy, not overdone. This is a style that probably took time and effort for the event, but would be pretty to do at home.

Dannii Minogue: Ther is no arguing about how good her hair looked. Short, sharp, modern bob. Strong colour. She is the perfect example of how a great haircut can make your look. My choice for best hair.

Ruby Rose: It was hard to find a good shot of her hair, but it's a short funky cut that has been styled just slightly to add texture. Short hair goes formal! We love Ruby.